Vioty fundamentally believes building long-term relationships on trust and honesty with customers, suppliers, retailers, and financial institutions is core to building a successful business.

We know e-commerce.

Vioty, LLC. is the newest subsidiary of United For Growth, LLC. (UFG). Vioty focuses on building online furniture brands leveraging the past experience and success of management selling product on popular online retail sites as well as establishing D2C brands.  

The key to management's success is understanding what the consumer desires and understanding how to design solutions and market for online distribution creating both value and brand loyalty.

The Vioty Model

Innovative Design with Logistics in Mind
The e-commerce freight for large products approaches 30-50% cost of goods sold. With our industry leading industrial designers, we're re-designing e-commerce product with freight in mind first.
E-Commerce Experienced Team
With a combined 30+ years in e-commerce, we understand e-commerce distribution channels, building engaging brands, and understand where we can create the most impact through design and cost savings.
Opportunities in the Market
Finding the right product opportunities and then re-designing the products for e-commerce, modular components that go together easily, improving quality, allow for customer customization, and have patentable design and assembly elements.
Build Powerful Brand Recognition and Loyalty
With leading product sellers where customers become engaged in the process, we seek to become a brand of choice for larger revenue categories delivering online products that are providing value, innovation, and quality.
The Vioty Experience

We have a proven track record in e-commerce.

30+ Years
E-Commerce Experience
In E-Commerce Sales
SKU's sold on all major channels
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